Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Feeling Minty Fresh

Mint Blouse: Forever 21/ Skirt: Target/ Belt: Ever New Melbourne

I think this outfit pretty much encompasses everything I'm currently obsessed with: bows, sparkles, and anything that is mint and gold . Actually, I think I'm always obsessed with these things! I'm also very much in love with these flats! I was in search of some new ones, and knew I had to have these. They're so buttery and soft, and I think they give any outfit pizazz!

Flats: Vera Wang Lavender 
On another note, I can hardly wait until this weekend! I finally get some time off work, and get to visit family in Northern California. I've heard you have some yummy food up there Nor Cal, so I hope you don't disappoint. I'm finally looking forward to putting some sweaters and scarves to use!
p.s. thanks to my brother for helping me take pictures today!

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